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For many businesses, accounting is a time-consuming and tedious activity, but why let it become a burden?

As Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs), we can take these tasks off your hands and free up valuable time to focus on more important things, like running your business.

Our Montreal accounting firm is there for you. Take advantage of our wide range of customized accounting services for small, medium, or large-sized businesses today and improve your profitability!

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Bookkeeping Services

Good bookkeeping gives you helpful information about the past and present financial situation of your company. 

These accounting and payroll services can provide you with the appropriate tools and indicators to ensure quality accounting management and good business continuity. In addition, bookkeeping enables you to meet government requirements and make appropriate payments in a timely manner.

At EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. we adapt to the needs of your business. We provide you with assistance in carrying out complete bookkeeping tailored to your unique situation.


GST/QST Return

As your bookkeeping progresses, we can prepare the appropriate tax reports. The GST-QST return allows you to remit the taxes you collect from your clients. In addition, it allows you to benefit from tax refunds on expenses incurred during the year.

Our accounting and tax experts implement effective strategies to optimize your input tax refunds. Take advantage of our accounting services so you can prepare and submit your tax return on time.

Accounting, EB Conseil Fiscal


GST-QST Calculation

All businesses and registered self-employed workers must file tax returns on a regular basis. Regardless of your income, forecast your payments with the GST and QST calculation. This way, you will know how much you must pay to Revenue Quebec and Revenue Canada and get it done on time! 

Our accounting firm in Montreal can complete the arduous task of calculating the two taxes that will need to be paid. Get the tax calculated professionally at the right time so you can make your GST-QST returns on time.


Financial Statements

Need to prepare your financial statements? Our chartered accountant and chartered tax specialists are here to help you see things more clearly! A financial statement is an accounting document that provides information on the financial situation of your company at any given time. This information allows you to :

  • Conduct accurate analyses
  • Make comparisons of your results over time 
  • Compare your situation with other companies in the same field
  • Make more informed decisions about your business

To get your complete financial statements when you need them, take advantage of the turnkey accounting service offered by the experts at our accounting firm.

Accounting, EB Conseil Fiscal


Wage Statement

Every company employing personnel (whether it’s small, medium-sized, or large) is required to make an annual wage statement. This is compulsory and allows one to determine the amount of insurance to be paid to the CNESST. 

Since every company must contribute to the CNESST, this declaration is crucial for its taxation. 

Not sure what to do or don’t have enough time? Call on our team to fill out your declaration properly and transmit it on time!

This accounting service allows you to take care of this time-consuming task and ensures that you avoid possible penalties.


Accounting Depreciation

When a company’s financial balance sheet is drawn up, accounting depreciation makes it possible to calculate the depreciation of certain elements of its assets over time. The life span and/or obsolescence of materials, furniture, tools, or software can then be considered in the total balance sheet of accounting assets. 

As certified professional accountants, we can calculate the accounting depreciation of your company according to the standards in force.

Accounting, EB Conseil Fiscal


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Accounting, EB Conseil Fiscal


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Personalized Tax and Accounting Services

At EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. we offer complete accounting management services as well as tax recommendations for individuals and business owners.

Do you have any questions about your personal or company accounting? Take advantage of our accounting services to obtain professional advice and guidance tailored to your needs.

We can get to work as soon as you provide us with the required information and supporting documents. If you prefer to keep your accounting in-house, we can also help you with the accounting software (Xero, Sage 50, QuickBooks, etc.) that you use.

From bookkeeping to accounting amortization, take advantage of EB Conseil Fiscal Inc.’s expertise to optimize your accounting management and lighten your task list.

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