Tax Litigation: Knowing and Defending Your Rights

As you know, every taxpayer, whether they are an individual or a company, must pay income and consumption taxes to the Canadian government. To verify that each taxpayer is complying with their tax obligations, the authorities regularly conduct audits on individuals and businesses.

In Canada, no fewer than 60,000 tax audits are reportedly conducted each year!

A tax audit on your past tax returns can be carried out at any time, especially on your last 6 years of activity. If the tax authorities find irregularities, such a procedure can sometimes result in a proposed assessment or even a seizure of your assets, in accordance with the tax laws. 

Before taking any action, however, you should know that you also have rights in the event of an unwarranted government audit or request. You can object to a decision that you consider unjustified.

At EB Conseil Fiscal Inc., we put our expertise into action to find a favourable settlement to your tax litigation.

Tax Litigation, EB Conseil Fiscal

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Tax Litigation

Facing Tax Litigation? You’re Not Alone!

Have you received a call or letter from the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenu Québec announcing a tax audit? Or are you being asked for an unjustified refund? In this type of situation, it’s normal to be worried or confused.

Don’t be overly alarmed! On one hand, you have rights and remedies in case of tax litigation, and on the other, you may be the subject of an error on the part of the authorities. Regardless of your situation, you can seek professional help to file an objection, such as from a tax expert.

A tax specialist is essential, as they have mastered the complexities and diversity of the tax rules.

Their expertise guarantees that each party (you and the authorities) has complied with its obligations. In the event of a proven error on the part of a revenue agency, a tax expert will be able to assert your rights and request a review of an unfounded claim. 

Your advisors at EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. are there to verify your returns and the procedures followed by the tax authorities. They also represent you before the revenue agencies to argue in your favour and ensure the fairest possible outcome for you.

Tax Litigation, EB Conseil Fiscal
How Does a Tax Audit Work?

A tax audit consists of three steps:

  1. Before the formal audit, an agent contacts you to schedule an appointment. You will then prepare the relevant documents for the audit. 
  2. During the audit, the agent informs you of your rights and obligations, as well as the estimated duration of the procedure. The agent will carry out their mandate, including asking you questions about your declarations. 
  3. After the audit, depending on the situation, the agent may give you a notice of assessment, along with additional documents. The agent is also available to answer your questions.


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Tax Litigation, EB Conseil Fiscal

Tax Litigation

How Does a Tax Audit Work?

If you receive a notice of assessment from Revenu Québec that you feel is unjustified, you usually have 90 days to file a notice of objection. In case of tax litigation, you can send Revenu Québec either a Notice of Objection or Notice of Objection – GST/HST form or a handwritten letter. This letter details your situation and your reasons for objecting. 

When you send this notice of objection or letter, you must attach several additional documents to it:

  • A copy of the notice of assessment or determination to which you object
  • Any supporting documentation that supports your objection
  • A power of attorney from your representative

EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. will help you prepare your notice of objection. First, our advisors discuss the situation with you and then ask you for the necessary documents to proceed with a rigorous audit. We then ensure that your returns are correct and manage all tax adjustments if we find an error on your part. You can also ask us to make a voluntary disclosure if you decide to declare an inaccuracy or oversight. 

Our experts also ensure that the authorities have acted following tax laws. Some of our team members have worked for the government and are therefore very familiar with the audit process.  We assist you in formalizing your notice of objection and defending your interests before the revenue agencies with our tax planning and representation service. 

Whether it is a question of correcting an error on your part or the part of the tax authorities, we find a resolution to your situation. All your tax litigation practice are handled by our experienced tax specialists to ensure your peace of mind. 

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Tax Litigation, EB Conseil Fiscal


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Tax litigation can be particularly stressful. It is also a time-consuming process that requires the right support to ensure a smooth resolution. 

At EB Conseil Fiscal Inc., our tax experts will assist you in every step of your tax litigation and dispute resolution, from the audit to defending your rights. Trust us to handle the situation as soon as possible!


Tax Litigation