Creating a Trust Fund

A trust fund is a legal concept that allows you to manage your assets efficiently.

This practice is used to benefit from better tax planning and to facilitate intergenerational transfers. At EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. we specialize in the creation and optimization of family trusts.

Why do people turn to trusts? There are many reasons. Security of wealth, income splitting, multiplication, and optimization of the capital gains deduction are some of the reasons usually given for the implementation of this strategy.

Would you like to set up a trust fund? With the help of our partners, we help our clients structure and optimize their taxes by creating trusts that protect their wealth.

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Trust Fund, EB Conseil Fiscal

Trust Fund

What Is a Trust Fund?

A trust fund is the transfer of property from one person (the settlor) to another (the beneficiary) through the administrative and management services of a third person (the trustee).

The trust, like a business, is a separate legal entity for tax purposes. It even has rights, including the management of assets, the holding of property, and the possibility of investing (hence the interest in trust investments) or entering into contracts with third parties.

Wondering how to set up a trust fund in Canada? EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. ensures that these three conditions are met and clearly indicated in any formal document:

  1. Trust beneficiaries are identifiable by their full name or by their relationship to the persons involved, for example, the settlor’s wife (the person transferring the property).
  2. The property is transferred to a trustee.
  3. The goals are clearly established.

Trust Fund

What Are the Different Types of Trust Funds?

The main kinds of trusts are separated into two categories: inter vivos trusts and testamentary trusts. Once this distinction is made, there are a variety of inter vivos trusts; for example, a trust for the benefit of an amateur athlete, a trust for a non-profit organization, or a personal trust.

EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. takes care of the tax planning with a family trust.

Family trusts are used to transfer assets between family members, such as a residence. They provide access to several tax planning strategies. For example, they avoid certain tax provisions when transferring a house to children. 

Our team helps you protect your assets and beneficiaries. If you are concerned about the complexity of the tax and legal aspects, don’t worry: our experts will be there for you and your loved ones at every step.

Trust Fund, EB Conseil Fiscal


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Trust Fund, EB Conseil Fiscal


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Set Up a Trust Fund with EB Conseil Fiscal Inc.

No matter the type of trust you wish to set up or whether you are a beneficiary, EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. is by your side. We will determine all the tax advantages related to your trust for you, such as tax credits.

We will take care of your trust’s income tax returns, withholdings, assessments, and tax obligations. Do not hesitate to contact one of our professionals to discuss your financial needs and objectives.

Trust Fund