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RRSP Contributions: Supporting Businesses and Individuals

An RRSP, or Registered Retirement Savings Plan, is a savings method that allows you to accumulate capital for your pension. Throughout your working life, you contribute to your RRSP with the goal of generating a larger retirement income

These savings act as a kind of safety net that will allow you to cover your financial needs during this new phase of life. However, you should know that it is possible to draw on your RRSP contributions before retirement, such as in the event of job loss or to repair a vehicle.

There are several tax advantages to contributing to an RRSP. The amounts contributed are tax-deductible. In addition, it is possible to defer taxes until a later date, such as when you retire, when your income is lower and therefore taxed at a lower rate. Finally, the interest generated by your RRSP contributions is automatically reinvested tax-free.

There are three types of RRSPs

  • Individual RRSPs, which are for individuals;
  • Group RRSPs, which are usually offered by an employer to their employees; 
  • Self-directed RRSPs, which are set up and managed by an individual, with the possible assistance of a broker.

Whatever your savings needs, EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. can help you set up and manage your RRSP in Montreal. 

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The RRSP Loan at EB Conseil Fiscal Inc.

Did you know that it is possible to obtain a loan from a bank or public institution to contribute to an RRSP without waiting? Retirement is something you can plan for now! 

At EB Conseil Fiscal Inc., our mission is to help you save money, but also to secure your future or that of your company. 

We offer our expertise in the form of consulting services for your RRSP loan. Through these services, we help you find and obtain your loan from the Montreal banking institution of your choice

With us, you will find the RRSP loan that best suits your profile and your needs while reducing your expenses as much as possible.


RRSPs and the Home Buyers' Plan

Have you ever heard of the HBP, or Home Buyers’ Plan? 

This program allows you to make temporary withdrawals from your RRSP for a real estate project. With the HBP, you can withdraw up to $35,000 tax-free to build or buy a qualifying home. The amounts withdrawn must then eventually be put back into the RRSP. 

The HBP is an attractive option for anyone who wants to become a homeowner quickly. If you are interested in this option, EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. will be pleased to work with you. We will assist you throughout the process and are available to help you with all your HBP-related needs. 

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RRSP Contributions or TFSA? Several Factors to Consider

When the time comes to think about your investments, it’s natural to wonder what the best option is. One common question is “should I choose an RRSP or a TFSA?

The TFSA, or Tax-Free Savings Account, offers the same tax advantages as an RRSP. Your choice should be based on several factors, including your income, your investment objectives, and your current and future tax rates. 

Essentially, an RRSP is best suited to long-term investment projects, such as building a house or saving for a pension adjustment. A TFSA is better suited to short-term projects, such as renovating a home or taking a trip.

Depending on your specific profile, EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. is at your side to guide you toward the best option for you. 


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Your savings are serious business! They are the fruit of your labour, but also the financial security that will be there to help you in the event of unforeseen circumstances. They might even be a useful boost to help you achieve your goals. 

EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. is aware of this, and we want to help you with all your retirement planning needs. Whether you want to start contributing to an RRSP, help your employees plan for the future, choose the best savings option, or start a real estate project with an HBP, our team of chartered accountants and tax specialists based in Montreal is here to help. 

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