Wealth Management and Other Financial Services

Would you like personalized advice on managing your assets? Wealth consists of the assets and liabilities of an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. The value of an estate is calculated by taking into account the value of the assets and subtracting the amount of any financial obligations or other debts. 

Just like tax planning, good wealth management is essential if you wish to manage your resources effectively and grow your finances

As professional accountants and chartered tax professionals, we can help you manage your wealth! We will work with you to make it easy to organize, coordinate and manage your assets.

Wealth Management, EB Conseil Fiscal

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Wealth Management, EB Conseil Fiscal

Wealth Management

The 4 Phases of Asset Management

Dynamic and sequential, heritage is managed in four main stages:

  1. Accumulation: the value of the estate grows through the accumulation of assets;
  2. Protection: when the value of assets in the estate is protected through a sound tax strategy;
  3. Preservation: protecting wealth over the long term;
  4. Disposition: transferring wealth to another person or generation.

EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. formulates a personalized strategy to meet your financial objectives at every stage.


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Wealth Management

Assets and Liabilities Included in the Assets

Often presented in the form of a financial statement or an inventory, the physical assets of a person or a company include tangible and intangible assets. Here are the types of possessions and obligations that are counted as assets:

The Assets
  • Furniture and other household goods;
  • Stock in a corporation;
  • Patents, copyrights, or other intellectual property;
  • Any form of real property;
  • Financial investments, including bank accounts and mutual funds;
  • Private loans, accounts receivable;
  • The value of a person’s insurance policy;
  • Cars, planes, boats; 
  • An object collection or pieces of art.
The Liabilities

All tax debts and loans (such as a consumer credit or even a mortgage) are part of the estate and reduce its value. Good management of liabilities is just as important as good management of assets in order to avoid tax overflows or errors. 

By working with a tax specialist and with the help of tax planning, it is however possible to optimize liabilities in the long term!

Wealth Management, EB Conseil Fiscal
Wealth Management, EB Conseil Fiscal

Wealth Management

Our Role as Wealth Managers

Throughout our collaboration, we will provide you with personalized advice to ensure the sound and advantageous management of your assets. In addition to evaluating your assets, we will establish a customized strategy to help you achieve your financial goals. 

Also, we will help you manage your assets over time, taking inflation into account. Our objective is to try to generate surplus liquidity as best we can. 

Always on the lookout for market movements, we will put our expertise at your service to protect your possessions and make your wealth grow!

Wealth Management

Family Wealth Management

The management of a family patrimony is a delicate art that must take account individual situations into account. According to the Quebec government’s legal definition, family patrimony is created following a marriage or civil union. It is created regardless of whether the married couple has children or not. 

By pooling some of the property of one spouse and some of the property of the other, the patrimony serves to gather the assets together that meet the family’s needs. It ensures legal and economic equality between the two life partners. 

The couple’s residence, furniture, and vehicles, for example, are among the assets considered to be part of the patrimony.

EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. takes charge of managing the individual and common objectives of each family member. 

Taxation of assets

Like the rest of your possessions, your estate may be subject to certain tax obligations. For example, you may be taxed on the income generated by the assets in your estate. You may also have to pay taxes on your assets. 

Often, taxable income consists of rent, dividends, or services rendered. EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. analyzes your entire estate and makes sure that you do not miss any of the payments required to comply with tax laws. Together, we will optimize your assets’ tax management!

Wealth Management, EB Conseil Fiscal

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Wealth Management, EB Conseil Fiscal


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Wealth Management at EB Conseil Fiscal Inc.

No matter what form your assets take, whether they belong to your company or your family, EB Conseil Fiscal Inc. is committed to managing the extent of your assets and debts. Our main objective is to make your possessions grow and to manage your liabilities in the best possible way.

Since assets are subject to the standards of various tax jurisdictions, our team of tax specialists and accountants will help you navigate through all the rules applicable and opportunities available to you. 

Consult our professional financial advisors for more information on the various financial services offered by EB Conseil Fiscal Inc.

Wealth Management and Other Financial Services